Use dashboard to analyze your visitors' routes and routines

Dashboard monitor

Analytical Dashboard delivers a unique opportunity to understand your visitors and boost their indoor experience.

Business intelligence
Business intelligence for your indoor space
Turn your brick-and-mortar venue into smart space. Provide digital link between users and physical surroundings to make your business interactive
Customer insights
Customer insights
Explore paths of your visitors and find out their habits. Such real-time data and analysis have never been available before!
Engagement manager
Visitors engagement manager
Advance communication in your space by customized notifications. Reach visitors with the right message, at the right time, in the right spot
Organisation overview
Organisation overview
Unlock valuable data hidden in your venue to adapt to visitors’ needs. Examine your property with accurate tools and benefit from what you learn

Indoorway dashboard provides a new quality of analytical features:

POI statistics
Mark specific points (e.g. gates or ATMs) and check their popularity
App poi
Room statistics
Study how busy a room is. Find out peak hours and average time spent in a given area
App room
Heat maps
Get immediate visual summary of information about foot traffic in your place
App heatmap
User statistics
Check your guests' age, role, gender and types of mobile device they use
App users
Real time data
Identify most crowded rooms and least attended spaces by live tracking visitors
App realtime

Map Creator

Map Creator makes charts management quick and easy

Map editor

We’ve enhanced your work experience thanks to intuitive tools

Seamless map
Seamless map adding process
We will smoothly guide you into creating maps. Thanks to coherent tips and user-friendly process it will not take long
Map manager
Manager of indoor maps portfolio
We will help you handle with the whole range of maps by providing simple access to all the charts with just a few clicks
Navigation algorithms
Navigation algorithms and bridge creator
We will find the shortest paths between any given spots in your venue to navigate customers through busy places

Digitize your space

With measurement application you’ll translate flouting bites into meaningful spatial coordinates and bring smart space functionalities to your venue. Indoorway team puts huge emphasis on robustness and quality of our digitizing tool, as well as the deployment time.

Simultaneous measurements
To gain high precision Indoorway uses both radio and geomagnetic field maps
Easy to operate and deploy
To save your time the deployment procedure is fast and simple
Quality diagnostics
To limit errors our system predicts possible connection issues
Advanced algorithms
To dig through masses of data we’ve created sophisticated algorithms

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