Indoor technological platform with accuracy up to 1-2 meters

Tech beacon
Multiple beacons
Tech sensors
Device sensors
Indoorway cloud
Tech cloud
Smart building
Tech buildings
Mobile app

We employ multiple sensors built-in mobile devices

Tech room
Features magnetic field
Magnetic field analysis
Magnetometers pinpoint user locations inside a venue by analyzing natural magnetic field of your space.
Features accelometer
Dynamic detection
With data pulled from built-in accelerometers, Indoorway’s algorithms estimate pace and dynamic movement crucial to precise positioning.
Features gyroscope
Direction detection
Data from gyroscopes allow us to build intelligent movement pathways and track direction as they move through a venue.
Features beacons
Beacon-based precision
Our advanced BLE algorithms and custom digital maps leverage your beacon fleet for highly accurate location awareness.
Features paths
Pathway intelligence
Like business intelligence, but for physical footprints—Indoorway compares paths to improve accuracy of pathing and eliminate anomalies.

Indoorway blends big data with precise indoor location to empower smart building solutions.
All in an easy to use API ecosystem.

Map editor
Intuitive Map Creator
Bring your brick-and-mortar space or large complex into the digital world with an intuitive tool.
SDK for iOS and Android
Integrate Indoorway features into your iOS and Android apps. It’s easy and works just like a plugin.
Api 01Api 02Api 03Api 04Api chip
Dashboard analytics
All-in-one Dashboard
Analyze real-time data from physical world on a single screen. Transform it into valuable business insights.
Mobile App Configurator
Use our free iOS and Android application to build proximity-based, location-aware features in your space!

Indoorway tools

Advanced customer data analysis

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