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About hero

The way to make any space smart

About digitize
Digitized space
Transfer your brick-and-mortar space into an interactive environment
About location
Location-based services
Bring digital building experience through smart indoor functionalities
About analytics
Analytical dashboard
Understand your space by getting insights from users’ digital footprint
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Analytical dashboard
Enhance your business decision-making with our analytical dashboard which provides access to Business Intelligence for your brick-and-mortar space through outstanding analytics, real time data and data mining algorithms.

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Real time data
Monitor customer traffic in your space in real time
Understand your customers’ digital footprints through live heatmaps
Data mining
Data mining algorithms
Know the trends - compare and analyze all time windows in your space
Room statistics
Room statistics
Get information on room usage level through traffic and time statistics
Poi statistics
POI statistics
Create your Point of Interests and observe how traffic and occupancy changes in time
Customizable reports
Define your custom reports and focus on data that is crucial for you
Social Media integration
Get a real view on your customer demographics and how they change with time
Customer conversion index
Understand your customer base and identify new, loyal and returning users

Communicate with your space
Empower your space with a broad range of location-based functionalities and deliver real value to your customers

App wayfindingApp shadow
Indoor geolocation
Provide customers with awareness of your space through on demand indoor positioning
Smart tagging
Smart tagging
Allow users to save their position and easily return there anytime they want (e.g. to a parking lot)
Guide customers on demand with interactive navigation map and smart search engine
Digital map
Digital map
Give customers a digital and interactive map built-in to your mobile app
Proximity communication
Engage with your customers via new digital communication touch points to boost your sales and customer engagement
Movement analytics
Seamless integration with analytical dashboard enables you to collect user data from day one
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Digitize your space
Leverage free Indoorway tool to transform your brick-and-mortar venue into smart and interactive environment

Digitize positioning
Position accuracy of 1-2 meters
Digitize integration
Easy integration with your app
Digitize wallet
Minimize the cost of infrastructure and time to implement
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