Effective indoor location
for mobile devices

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Multiplatform solution for Android, iOS, Windows


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Big-data with detailed user's activity information. Statistics that has not been available so far. Take advantage of our unique machine learning algorithms and find out end-user's habits and routines!

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Improve your UX with individual applications based on context-aware content (Location Based Services). Fully personalized context based on end-user location is the way to make your app unique and to distinguish it against competitors!

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Guide the user with turn-by turn indoor navigation and help them navigate through venues. Let your end-users discover power of sensor-fusion based solutions and amaze them with such accurate navigation that can follow their path!

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Local business

Boost your business with location based notifications! Send it to all nearby mobile devices! Maintain relationships with customers and visitors by sending push notifications directly to their devices!


From raw sensor data to marketing intelligence tool.

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Analyze device built-in sensors as various and independent data sources: Wi-Fi/BLE, internal sensors and geomagnetic field.

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Sensor-fusion which connects it all together to get best accuracy and stability.

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Gathered statistics are being analyzed with data mining algorithms to provide unique marketing intelligence insights.

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Potential technical obstacles disappear thanks to the possibility of choosing between cloud-based or offline-based solution.

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Full Stack
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  • Dedicated mobile app with context-aware content.
  • Indoor location solution providing unique data.
  • Location-based statistics taken directly from users historical data.
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& Analytics
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  • Implementing indoor location in already released apps.
  • Location-based statistics taken directly from users historical data.
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  • Exclusive marketing intelligence solution that requires no user interaction.
  • User-friendly analytics dashboard allowing to draw profitable business conclusions.
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Case study

Adfairs is the most popular Polish mobile app providing a connection between organizers, exhibitors and visitors of trade fairs.

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What was the goal?

Adfairs needed a reliable solution allowing visitors to easily navigate through the trade fair venues and provide organizers with valuable location data.

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What was the problem?

Trade fairs are held in numerous types of venues with various signal propagation conditions.

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What technology have we used?

Indoorway provided a sensor-fusion technology based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy motion sensors and geomagnetic field.

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What was the result?

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1-2 m


Enabled user to navigate through the venue in a turn-by-turn manner.

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20 000

Mobile app users

Who found their way to favourite stands.

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Satisfied organizers

Who used Indoorway analytics to understand visitors’ routines.

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